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The low, wide stance. The suspicious proportions. The short bed. We get it. It looks like a minitruck, but don’t be fooled. This 900-horsepower Brabus Gelandewagen may look the part in pictures, but nothing about this “supercar” (their word, not ours) is miniature. Say hello to the P 900 Rocket Edition; even the name is aggressively suggestive. 

Visually, it’s typical Brabus, which is to say that “understatement” is not a component of its design vocabulary. Those are Brabus-designed 24-inch monoblock wheels (wrapped in 355/25R-24s in the rear) adorned with carbon aero inserts. There’s no air suspension here; Brabus says the P 900 Rocket Edition sits on a set of aluminum coilovers to achieve its low stance, but it retains adaptive dampers to allow for flexibility in both road-holding and ride quality. The sides of the pickup bed were made specifically for the application from carbon fiber

Fittingly, the P 900’s numbers are slightly less impressive after a conversion to ‘murrican units, but its 888 horsepower and 922 pound-feet of torque are certainly nothing to scoff at. Brabus got that from the standard Mercedes-Benz V8 by punching it out another half a liter (for 4.5 liters total) and slapping on some higher-capacity turbochargers. Brabus says it’ll do 0-62 in 3.7 seconds on the way to a top speed of 174 mph.

With those numbers, it should put a Ram TRX in the rearview before the 1/4-mile mark and that distance will only grow once the big dinosaur’s 118-mph limiter kicks in. Fortunately for Ram owners, the likelihood of such an emasculating encounter in the wild will be quite slim. Brabus is only building ten of these, each with a price tag of $649,638 euros — or $640,280.30 USD at the time of publication. What a bargain!

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