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If there’s any good news about the 2023 Ford Maverick, it’s the new Tremor Off-Road Package, Tremor Appearance Package, the Black Appearance Package, the two new colors, and Ford making cruise control standard on the entry-level XL trim. The mediocre news about the new compact pickup is that it’s either $1,095 or $1,200 more expensive than in 2022, depending on which trim a buyer chooses. The bad news is likely to put all that in the shade: The retail order book for the 2023 Maverick is going to close at any moment, and might have done so by the time you read this.

Bad news first. Ford Authority reports that Ford began accepting orders from regular Joes and Janes on September 15. So many Joes and Janes lined up to sign their names to a reservation, however, that Ford’s better angels have decided to keep the automaker from making a bigger mess for itself than it’s already in. The company hasn’t finished fulfilling orders for the 2022 Maverick, and likely won’t get all those orders built despite pushing back the start of production for the 2023 Maverick to November. So new orders for the new truck are expected to end imminently, the end of this week at the latest.

It’s so bad, in fact, that Ford’s retail website still lists information for the 2022 Maverick. It’s possible the window to get a 2023 Maverick comes and goes without that truck making a useful appearance on the configurator, when a random member of the public could buy the truck they configured.

The middling news is that those able to get an order confirmed will pay more than the first-year Maverick buyers. FA got the price sheet, revealing MSRPs for the coming year after the $1,495 destination charge, and their changes from 2022, are:

  • XL: $22,195 ($1,200)
  • XLT: $24,455 ($1,095)
  • Lariat: $27,955 ($1,095)

In the savings column, FA says Ford won’t charge to upgrade to the non-hybrid 2.0-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder with 250 horsepower and 277 pound-feet of torque. That used to cost $435 on every trim, but no more.

For the rest of the public forced to window shop the Maverick, there’s a new $2,995 Tremor Off-Road Package, a $1,495 Tremor Appearance Package, and a Black Appearance Package that can be appended to the XLT and Lariat trims. All are under constraint due to the industrial supply situation, just three of ten options and packages that Ford’s having a hard time cobbling together. Anyone who orders one of them is going to wait longer than usual. The two new new exterior hues are Atlas Blue Metallic Metallic and Avalanche Gray, replacing Velocity Blue and Atlas Red Metallic.

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