Geely reveals 600 kW EV charging technology – 20% faster, 30% more range, 300km range in 5 minutes Leave a comment

Geely has unveiled its new 600 kW charging technology developed by its subsidiary company Viridi E-mobility Technology (VREMT). The new fast charger is said to be capable of providing up to 300 km of electric driving range in just five minutes.

Currently, the fast-charging technology is only available in China and is ready for mass production according to VREMT. The new fast-charger is said to be 20% faster and is capable of adding 30% more range.

So far only the Zeekr’s 001 EV is capable of charging at this speed, thanks to its Qilin long-range battery by Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL). The Qilin batteries are expected to be mass-produced and will be available by 2023.

Upcoming Geely EVs will also adopt the latest battery technology from CATL capable of returning up to 1,000 km of electric driving range. The Zeekr 001 EV has been earmarked to be the first mass-produced model to be fitted with the new batteries. Eventually, they will also find their way into the new Zeekr 009 EV MPV.

The long-range is the result of efficient volume utilisation and high energy density. The battery pack’s design also allows for various components including structural protection, high-voltage connections, and thermal vents to be strategically arranged, increasing battery capacity by 6%.

So far, we’ve seen XPeng Motors’ 480 kW fast-chargers offering more than 200 km of electric driving range with just five minutes of charging but expect that to change real soon!

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