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BMW Blog said it tapped its insiders for details on the next-generation gas-powered BMW X4, and heard that there might not be one. A longtime insider on Bimmerpost reports the same news, that the model codenamed G46 “may have been cancelled.” And checking the Automotive News future product pipeline returns this, “Production of the U.S.-made model could end in late 2025 with no replacement planned, according to AutoForecast Solutions.”

Supposedly, the original plan was for the clamshell crossover to mimic the split headed to the 3 Series lineup, with an ICE-powered 3 Series range on an evolution of BMW’s Cluster Architecture (CLAR), and pure-electric variants of the 3’er on the coming Neue Klasse architecture developed just for EVs. For the 3 Series, the electric sedan could resurrect the i3 name, the electric crossover would be the iX3.

The iX4 remains on track. BMW Blog suspects the automaker’s accountants couldn’t justify the spend on a new version of the gas-powered X4, though. The raw sales data we see isn’t sufficient to make judgements. X4 sales have been climbing in the states, reaching 10,620 units in the U.S. last year, and 33% more than that in Europe. The X3 sold about 156,000 units in the U.S. and Europe last year compared to the X4’s roughly 26,000. At the beginning of this year we heard that BMW could eliminate the 4 Series and 8 Series for a reborn 6 Series lineup. So in addition to the massive expense of electrification forcing ruthless decisions, there are clearly other, larger ideas in play.

The first Neue Klasse model is due in 2025, presumed to be the new i3 and iX3. The iX4 is anticipated the following year. They will take advantage of BMW’s Gen6 batteries with cylindrical cells that are less expensive to produce and create fewer carbon emissions in production, increase vehicle range by 30% compared to BMW’s current prismatic cells, weigh up to 20% less, and raise charging speeds to 270 kW. 

If the supplier source who spoke to Inside EVs can be believed, we won’t need to wait for 2025 for more big X4 news. The supplier said it would be providing parts for two new electric crossovers with quad-motor setups. One would be an iX3, the other an iX4, the supplier adding that “other code designations” suggest these could be proper M versions of standard electric crossovers. Curioser and curioser.

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