Malaysian drivers, why are we so angry on the road? Leave a comment

Us Malaysians are generally nice, friendly people. We help each other out, even complete strangers. And more often than not, we offer a thank you or terima kasih in return. But have you noticed that the very same people will turn into angry monsters as soon as they get on the roads?

Yep, as the door closes or the helmet comes on, smiles turn into frowns. Courtesy goes completely, replaced with anger, short temper, lots of profanities and sometimes, even violence. Dear Malaysians, this isn’t normal. We can be better than this. We should do better.

Can we please start treating each other on the road with kindness and respect, like we already do in person? I think we can. Every little bit helps. #takdehalbro

From all of us here at together with BHPetrol, Selamat Hari Malaysia, everyone. Enjoy the long weekend, and stay safe.

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