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The Ford Ranger is set to gain a fully electric variant by the end of this decade, Drive understands, according to indications from Ford chief financial officer John Lawler.

The automaker’s CFO told attendees of the Detroit auto show that Thailand, where the Ranger pick-up truck and Everest SUV are built, will become the brand’s hub for future electric vehicles.

“Thailand is going to be a hub for manufacturing zero-emissions vehicles. As these changes [towards electrification] come around the world, we are going to be a part of that… [the] Ranger is a huge opportunity, and it is a cornerstone for us in [markets outside North America]. It’s incredibly important to us, [and] we’re excited about what the capabilities are,” Lawler told Drive.

Fully electric drive for the Ranger will come after the pick-up truck model gets a plug-in hybrid powertrain, which has been confirmed by Ford Europe to be in development. This will debut in around two years’ time, as a Ford Europe spokesperson stated that the Ranger will be “zero-emissions capable” by 2024.

2023 Ford Everest

Meanwhile, Ford’s commercial vehicle partner Volkswagen will reportedly forego the PHEV stage of electrification, and will instead go straight to a fully-electric version of its pick-up truck, the Amarok, and this will likely be be in the second half of the model’s lifecycle; however, the German brand’s plans for its EV pick-up are not confirmed, according to Drive.

By extension, the Ford Everest could also adopt fully electric drive, given that the ladder-frame SUV is built on the same basis and the Ranger pick-up truck. The Blue Oval declined to give a timeline for the arrival of zero tailpipe emissions Everest, however.

“We haven’t announced anything, but what I really like about where we’re headed from an engineering and design standpoint,” said Lawler, adding that an electric pick-up truck opens up “great possibilities” from “the freedoms of not having the constraints of an engine,” he said.

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