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American automakers have no problem selling tons of new trucks every year, but light-duty diesel trucks are going the way of the dinosaurs that power them. Ram announced that 2023 would be the last model year it offers its EcoDiesel powertrain in the Ram 1500. The engine will be available in most configurations of the 2023 truck and can be ordered now.

Ram is following Ford’s lead in discontinuing the diesel powertrain option in its full-size truck line. Ford nixed the Powerstroke option for the F-150 in 2021, and once Ram is done, only the Silverado and Sierra will be available with an oil burner option. The GM twins have the advantage of a brand-new Duramax unit, so there will likely be a diesel option on sale there for some time to come.

The Ram 1500 was a pioneer in its class, as it was the first half-ton, full-size truck to offer a diesel. The powertrain got a significant overhaul in 2020 after the debut of the all-new fifth-generation Ram trucks. At 3.0-liters, the EcoDiesel V6 produces 260 horsepower and 480 pound-feet of torque.  

Slow sales could be part of the decision, but as Ram CEO Mike Koval Jr. noted in the press release, the brand is looking toward electrification. Simplifying its truck lineup allows Ram the opportunity to shift resources to electric truck development. The automaker has confirmed that it will release a battery-electric truck in 2024 and says it will offer electrified options in most vehicle segments by the end of the decade.

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