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In yet another instance of lawan arus, or vehicles travelling against the flow of traffic, footage has surfaced from the dashcam of Facebook user Muhammad Zaim Irfan Munir when he was travelling along the MEX (Maju Expressway).

The footage depicts more than 20 motorcyclists going against traffic on the emergency lane of the MEX highway, including one at the beginning of the video which appears to be stopped sideways, waiting to turn around and also face the wrong way. Another Facebook user, meanwhile commented on the post, asking, “why are you still driving on the [left-hand-side] lane?”

While the owner of the dashcam footage is entirely within their rights to driving in the left-hand-side lane of the highway when the group of motorcyclists travelling against traffic were encountered, it would have been wiser to move one lane to the right to have some space between themselves and the motorcycles, some of which can be seen to be ridden two abreast on said emergency lane.

If there were any concerns of being driving too slowly in the middle lane, the owner of the dashcam footage could perhaps increase their speed slightly. The speed limit on the MEX highway is 90 km/h, and the information stamped on the dashcam footage shows that the vehicle driven was travelling between 81 and 82 km/h, which still leaves a small margin to use and still be within the speed limit.

There have, by now been countless instances of lawan arus cases documented on social media, and some have come to a tragic end, and in cars no less. For those already abiding by the rules, remember to be alert for hazards at all times.

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