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How’s the weather where you are? It’s been gloomy all morning here in KL and it even rained just now – yes, in the morning. Such is the unpredictability of the weather these days to the common man. But our meteorological department has the expertise and tools to predict the weather, and it has a warning for Malaysians.

MetMalaysia is predicting that the country will face continuous heavy rains from the mid of November, and this might lead to big floods at the end of the month. The impact is more significant this time around as northeast monsoon is active that time of the year, and the La Nina phenomenon will be present till early next year. This will add to rainfall.

According to MetMalaysia’s director-general Muhammad Helmi Abdullah, in October, the weather risk only involves thunderstorms that potentially can cause strong winds, heavy rain and small scale flash floods in short periods. He told BH that most places are expected to receive normal rainfall in October.

Typically, Malaysia will face the changing of monsoons from end September to early November.

“During this period, weather is usually good in the morning, whereas in the evening till early night, thunderstorms are more frequent especially at west coast states and the interiors of Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak (west and central) and west Sabah. The risk of flash floods is high in this period, especially in low-lying areas in the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia,” Muhd Helmi said.

Whether it is flash floods from our “usual” thunderstorms or a major event as predicted for end-November, we need to prepare for them by having Special Perils insurance coverage for our vehicles. This add-on covers natural disasters and acts of God, including floods. Tick the optional box when you purchase your annual car insurance and you’ll be reimbursed by the insurance provider should your car suffer damage from natural disasters.

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It’s not super costly. Late last year, we tabulated the various costs of adding on Special Perils coverage from most auto insurance companies in Malaysia, including AIA, AIG, Allianz, AXA, Etiqa, Kurnia, MPI Generali, MSIG, RHB, Takaful and Tokio Marine. The rates vary between 0.15% to 0.50%.

For example, if you’re insuring a car for RM50,000, you’re paying as little as RM75 with MPI Generali, while other insurance providers like Allianz, AXA, MSIG and Tokio Marine offer the coverage for RM100. With higher rates like those provided by AIA, AIG, Etiqa, Kurnia, RHB and Takaful, the payable amount is between RM125 to RM250. Click on the table above for a better view.

Unless you drive an old, non-collectible car that’s “disposable”, surely the extra cost for peace of mind is worth it, right?

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