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Rivian and Mercedes-Benz have announced that the two companies plan to collaborate on an electric van factory. The factory will be located in Europe at an existing Mercedes facility, and it will build next-generation vans from both automakers. The two companies are only planning on teaming up for this factory at the moment, but it’s possible the two will work together on more projects in the future, assuming everything goes well.

Specific dates for when this factory may be completed weren’t given, but the two types of vans that would be built there are slated for around 2025. One of them is based on the Mercedes-Benz VAN.EA platform, a modular platform that will underpin a line of electric-only vans. The other is on the Rivian Light Van architecture. Based on the name, it will likely be a smaller commercial van to slide below the current Electric Delivery Van range that uses the Rivian Commercial Van platform. 

Neither company said where these new products would be offered. Obviously Europe seems like a key market for them. It seems likely that they will also be sold in the U.S. Or at least the larger versions of these new vans, since the market for smaller vans is being abandoned. Rivian’s van offerings will of course continue to be all-electric, though it seems Mercedes will continue to offer some gas-powered vans as of 2025 on older platforms.

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