MG HS, Haval H6 outsold Honda CR-V, Nissan X-Trail, Subaru Forester in Australia for August 2022 Leave a comment

The MG HS and Haval H6 are gaining ground in Australia, as the Chinese SUV duo have outsold several established nameplates from German and Japanese nameplates in the C-segment SUV market in the country, Car Expert reports.

For MG in Australia, the HS recorded 902 registrations in August, representing a growth of 226.8% over the same month last year, and a 76.4% increase year-to-date as of August 31, according to the Australian news site. This brought the HS’ market share to 6.5% of the segment in August, compared to 2.2% in the same month last year, effectively attaining triple its market share in a year.

Meanwhile, the Haval H6 achieved 858 registrations in August for a monthly growth of 48.7%, along with a 124.1% increase in sales for the year-to-date, in the process achieving a 6.2% share of the segment in the Australian market.

Both SUVs from the respective Chinese brands surpassed several established brands in Australian sales last month, namely the Honda CR-V which sold 781 units, the Nissan X-Trail which sold 516 units, the Subaru Forester (580 units) and the Volkswagen Tiguan (259 units).

The segment leaders in Australia last month were the Toyota RAV4 which saw 2,482 registrations despite supply issues, while the Mazda CX-5 saw 2,325 registrations; this duo accounted for over one-third of the C-SUV market in Australia, Car Expert reported. Completing the top five of the segment in the country for August were the Hyundai Tucson (1,719 units), Mitsubishi Outlander (1,568 units), and the Kia Sportage (1,237 units).

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