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Ferrari will finally unveil its first-ever SUV on September 13, the carmaker announced on its social media pages. Internally codenamed the F175, the upcoming model will officially be called the Purosangue (pronounced purr-oh-saahn-gway), which is an Italian word meaning “thoroughbred.”

On Twitter, Ferrari posted a short video that offered a shadowy view of the SUV accompanied by its engine soundtrack. The company also attempted to be cheeky with journalists with another posting a day earlier that depicted the SUV in the dark with the caption “we know you love to brighten Ferrari teaser pictures…”

Of course, we’ve already seen quite a bit of the Purosangue during Ferrari’s Capital Markets Day presentation in June, as a (relatively) clear frontal view of the SUV was shown in one of the slides.

Based on that image (above), we can clearly see design cues influenced by recent Ferrari models, most notably in the headlamps, which have a C-shaped look to them akin to the SF90. The LED light strips that make up the daytime running lights are also placed on a horizontal line that has the forward parking camera just under the Ferrari badge.

If we brighten the image as suggested, we can also make out sculpted bonnet with what appears to be a “power bulge” in the middle as well as what should be a large lower intake with various elements catered to aerodynamics and engine cooling, plus another Ferrari logo.

It has already been confirmed that the Purosangue will come with a V12 engine, although it’s not mentioned which. Reports suggest a variation of the long-serving Tipo F140, which is naturally aspirated, although it’s not certain if hybrid (or even turbo) power will be added. Make your educated guesses based on what you hear in the teaser video.

As for other details, we must look back to 2018 when Ferrari first confirmed it will be building an SUV. At the time, the company said the Purosangue will be underpinned by new front-engined, rear-wheel drive platform, which will have a rear transaxle and the option of all-wheel drive.

Performance luxury SUVs have proven to be very popular among affluent car buyers, with big brands like Porsche, Lamborghini and Bentley – just to name a few – finding commercial success with their offerings. Ferrari is looking to cash in too, but has said that it will limit shipments of the Purosangue to keep things exclusive, with the model said to make up just 20% of total annual deliveries over its life cycle – that’s one in five Ferraris sold.

GALLERY: Ferrari Purosangue spyshots

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