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GM is issuing a fresh recall to address issues with corrosion of hood latch components in 120,688 examples of the 2013-2015 Chevrolet Spark (both gasoline and EV). GM says a previous recall conducted in 2014 did not properly remedy the issue, prompting the latest effort. 

Per GM’s defect notification, the prior remedy did not go far enough to prevent corrosion of the hood latch components, which could lead to an unexpected hood opening while driving. The new replacement parts were prepped with a better anti-corrosion coating and should not be subject to the premature failures exhibited in the original and older replacement parts.

“This recall relates to a 2014 recall of the subject vehicles (NHTSA No. 14V593) which was intended to address premature corrosion of the secondary hood latch,” the company’s announcement said. “The recall remedy was to replace the affected components with parts that had improved corrosion protection.

“GM opened a new product investigation on May 10, 2022 to assess the effectiveness of the remedy in this earlier recall, after identifying field reports of prematurely corroding hood latches in vehicles that had received the recall remedy,” it continued. “On June 15, 2022, GM expanded the scope of the investigation to include all 2013-2015 Spark and 2014-2015 Spark EV vehicles in the U.S.”

Dealers will inspect and replace either damaged components or the entire striker assembly, if necessary (if corrosion caused the secondary lever to freeze out of position and cause damage to the striker assembly). Notifications to dealers have already been distributed; customers should receive notices starting in October. 

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