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Subaru has dropped a teaser video for what they’re coyly calling a “new SUV”. Based on what we can see from the shadowy silhouette, it sure looks like a redesigned Crosstrek. The only official statement from Subaru is that a global premiere will take place on September 15.

That timing would fall in line for a new Crosstrek. The second generation debuted five years ago, in 2017. However, whether it’s all-new is up for debate. Subaru hasn’t updated the Impreza that the Crosstrek is based on since 2016, so it could be a heavily facelifted model like in the spy shots we saw in December 2021

We wouldn’t let the “new SUV” tagline throw you. The video was made by Subaru Japan, and elsewhere in the world an SUV doesn’t necessarily refer to body-on-frame vehicles. Anything made with an outdoorsy lifestyle qualifies, even vehicles we in America might call crossovers. And since the September event is billed as a global premiere, we expect the design to be largely the same between Japan and the U.S.

The teaser does such a great job at hiding the car without the use of purposefully dim studio lighting that we almost have to applaud the effort. The car moves through natural environments, but its sheetmetal is obscured by a thick forest, rooftop tent, dust kicked up on a dirt trail, and a dark cave. They cleverly match the outdoorsy vibe that Crosstrek owners imagine when they choose an AWD Subaru, but don’t give too much away.

The closeups that we are privy to include the large C-shaped taillights that we saw in the December spy shots, revamped headlights, and revised grille. Subaru has done an admirable job of making the Crosstrek distinctive enough from similar vehicles in its class while keeping the design consistent and unmistakable Crosstrek through generations. It appears this next one will remain faithful to that formula. We’ll know for sure in a couple of weeks. 

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