Setel Share now supports CardTerus in Malaysia – pay for your loved ones’ fuel using your credit/bank card Leave a comment

You can now use CardTerus as a payment method for Setel Share, which should make it more convenient for Setel Share group owners who prefer not to keep their Setel Wallet (e-wallet) topped up for group members to use.

First introduced in 2020, CardTerus is a function that allows users to pay for fuel and items where payment is made with your credit/bank card instead of the Setel Wallet. This has been available for regular Setel users (not Setel Share) for some time. Meanwhile, Setel Share was launched last December and allows users to pay for their loved ones’ fuel.

When it was first introduced, Setel Share did not support CardTerus and required group owners to upgrade their e-wallet to have a higher maximum balance a single transaction limit. A maximum of two members can be added to a group and the group owner can limit the amount that can be spent (up to RM2,000) per member.

Other features include the ability to safely track and monitor refuelling expenses made by group members as well as the ability to earn Mesra points without having to pass a physical card around. Group owners will also receive real-time notifications for any transaction made in Setel Share and can remove members at any time for security reasons.

With support added for CardTerus, Setel Share payments no longer need to made using the Setel Wallet and can instead be charged directly to a group owner’s credit/bank card. This is also beneficial as certain card providers offer cashback when making direct fuel payments using CardTerus. Setel has long ended the ability for users to get fuel cashback when topping up the Setel Wallet since CardTerus was announced.

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