Petronas Pedas Linggi R&R north-bound 180 kW DC charger now online – activate with JomCharge or Setel Leave a comment

There is a new 180 kW ABB DC fast charger at the Petronas station at the Pedas Linggi north-bound R&R. This means EV users travelling up to KL from JB and want to use a faster charger may no longer need to make a U-turn to use the south-bound Shell Tangkak 180 kW charger, they can just travel a bit further (about 80 km if their range permits) and use this new 180 kW charger.

The charger sits in between two parking lots and features two CCS2 guns, and is currently configured to provide 180 kW if one gun is in use, or power can be split to 90 kW to each gun if both are in use.

This is the second charger in the Petronas/Gentari charger network in partnership with Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) and EV Connection (EVC). The first 180 kW charger went online at the Petronas station at Gambang R&R east-bound.

There are some differences between this charger and the Gambang charger. The Gambang charger is fixed to a max of 90 kW per gun, and you have to pay RM2.20 per minute for it.

You can get either up to 90 kW or 180 kW at this Pedas Linggi charger because it allows the max power to a single gun if only one car is using it. But how about the price, you may ask? No published price yet – the charger is free to use until September 16 2022. Although it is free, you still have to activate charging via either the JomCharge app or Setel app.

Once the charger becomes a paid charger after September 16, perhaps it might be configured to 90+90 like the Gambang charger, or who knows, perhaps Suruhanjaya Tenaga might allow chargepoint operators to charge for EV charging by kWh by then?

PlugShare Link: Petronas Pedas Linggi R&R north-bound 180 kW Charger

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