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The Continental UltraContact UC7 tyre is now available in Malaysia. The first of the company’s Generation 7 products in our market, the UC7 is described by its maker as an all-round tyre that prioritises safety, with an emphasis on exceptional noise comfort and long drive life.

The successor to the popular UC6 “achieves significant and outstanding improvements in braking and control on wet ground,” while also seeing gains in fuel efficiency, dry braking and handling, Continental claims.

The tyremaker says that a global team of around 25 engineers and material experts spent more than 9,500 hours designing, simulating, building, and testing all the prototypes of the UC7. During the development phase alone, Continental engineers conducted more than 850 tests under various conditions, with a combined distance that can circle the earth 12 times.

The UltraContact UC7 features what Continental calls “Diamond DNA”, comprising Diamond Compound, Noise Breaker 3.0 and Aqua Channel Advanced features. These deliver three key advantages, respectively – wet performance, noise reduction and long life.

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The UC7’s good wet performance comes from shorter braking distance and “outstanding grip” on wet roads, thanks to the Aqua Channel Advanced sipes on the centre of the tread pattern, which efficiently evacuates water and reduces the risk of aquaplaning.

There’s a “Flow X-celerator” design that leverages the Venturi effect principle to accelerate water flow through the groove, improving surface contact between rubber and road, Continental says. Thirdly, the Diamond Compound enhances the transformation of kinetic energy into heat at optimum levels, resulting in shorter braking distances wet roads, it is claimed.

As sound waves travel through the grooves, the Noise Breaker 3.0 design interrupts the waves by disrupting the homogeneity of the grooves. The sound waves are broken up and dissipated into smaller waves, preventing noise from building up and traveling into the cabin of the car. The Diamond Compound with “whisper touch” also contributes to reduced noise by absorbing impact from the road.

As for the tyre’s long life, Conti says that the Diamond Compound’s optimised polymer network provides wear resistance. The UC7 is designed for a wide range of vehicles, and is available from 15– to 18-inch sizes.

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