Bentley Residences in Miami – RFID-activated car lifts right into each unit, balcony pools, fr RM18.8 million! Leave a comment

Bentley Motors in collaboration with Dezer Development has announced the Bentley Residences – a new 61 storey development that’s expected to be completed by 2026. It was not mentioned if you need to own a Bentley to be eligible to purchase one of these 6,000 sq ft condominiums, but if you have the USD $4.2 million (RM18.8 million) to own one, you’d likely already have a fleet of Crewe’s finest.

Situated in Miami, Florida, USA, each unit comes with a four-car garage equipped with fast-charging facilities for EVs. They’re furnished by Bentley Home, Bentley Motors’ long-time partner and producer of high-end, hand-crafted Italian furniture. The units even come with balcony swimming pools, but the opulence starts even before you enter the condominium.

The highlight of the Bentley Residences is the ‘Dezervator’ lift – named after Dezer Development – that transports your car from the ground floor to the specific unit. Each lift uses a hydraulic system that pinches the car’s tyres to pull it onto a robotic shuttle system before it is transported up the 228-metre building.

To access the lift, each car will be given an RFID sticker, which will be automatically scanned at the entrance of the building. A sophisticated light system then guides the driver to the correct Dezervator to reach the intended unit. The driver is not required to do anything throughout the process. As the lift ascends, the lower floors with enclosed glass offer a panoramic view of the condominium’s surrounding area.

Other facilities offered in the Bentley Residences include theatre rooms, a spa and wellness centre, whisky and cigar bars and restaurants. For the rest of us commoners reading this, there is some consolation as the entire experience in Bentley Residences including a tour of the Dezervator is available via virtual reality!

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