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You’ve got to feel for this Ford Ranger owner. It’s bad enough that your car is hit by another vehicle and you have to claim from your own insurance policy, you’re then slapped with a saman. The latter is because the other vehicle in this case is a PDRM van and the cops have the power to issue fines.

UPDATE: Temerloh district police chief Mohd Azhar Mohd Yusoff has released a statement on the matter. He said that the case was handed to the Temerloh DPP who ordered the saman. The law says that vehicles cannot stop and turn on a double line road (Lizzy contends that the Ranger was slowing down in order to turn at a break in the double line ahead) for whatever reason. Mohd Azhar added that action was taken against the police van driver, and the investigation officer too if he is found to be careless.

How did this double whammy come about? The sister of the driver, @itslyzaa_ on Twitter, explained and shared a dashcam video of the incident. Although it’s a front dashcam and the truck was hit from behind, it illustrates the incident very well.

Basically, the Ranger driver wanted to turn right on the Jerantut – Temerloh old trunk road and slowed down, keeping to the right of the road. Lizzy said her brother signalled, and the video shows ample overtaking room on the left, which two cars used without incident. Then, the Ford got hit and the impact pushed it to the opposing lane. Fortunately, there was no oncoming traffic.

What truly riled the lady was the saman, which said that her brother “letak kenderaan dengan bahaya, halangan”. Obstruction, basically. Claiming his own insurance means NCD is gone, and apparently, the Ford was out of action for two months for repair – a long downtime for a businessman using his truck for work. Rotten luck even before the saman.

We’re not sure what action can one take if he/she feels unfairly accused by police, like in this Ranger driver’s case. Surely you can’t be making a complaint to the cops when they’re the ones accusing you? Whatever the avenue, you’ll need evidence to back up your story, and a dashcam’s recording will be invaluable. It’s best to have front and rear ones, but even just a front camera can document a rear-end accident, as shown here.

Expand the Twitter thread above for the full story and dashcam recording.

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